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Students Share Thoughts on Cornhuskin’ Themes

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

Two students standing behind a cardboard prop car on the amphitheater island
The Class of 2022's skit performance; photo by Molly Perry

On Nov. 5, 2021, Meredith College students were able to have a more normal Cornhuskin’ than in the previous school year. Cornhuskin’ 2021 was Meredith’s first fully in-person Cornhuskin’ since 2019, so for some students, this was their first taste as to what Cornhuskin’ was like.

Each year, the Cornhuskin’ themes are a source of excitement. The Class of 2025 chose the theme “Sunny Days Ahead” for their first Cornhuskin’. The Class of 2024 chose the theme “Super Spy,” and the Class of 2023 celebrated their onyx year with the theme “A Bling Out of This World.” The Class of 2022 chose the theme “Race to the Finish” for their final Cornhuskin’.

Claire Southern, ‘25, spoke to The Meredith Herald about her first Cornhuskin’. “I really enjoyed my first year of Corn,” she said. “Coming to Meredith as a third generation Meredith student, I was thrilled to experience all the traditions. I thought the skits and dances were all amazing and I loved it overall. I thought the beach theme was a very cool idea. However, it was ironic that it was freezing the day of Cornhuskin’.”

Tanyia Harris, ‘24, also experienced her first in-person Cornhuskin’ this year. “I thought the theme for the sophomores was an amazing throwback,” she said. “I enjoyed watching my friends and classmates act out and perform an incredible Corn performance. I wanted to get up and dance with them. I am so proud of the sophomores for creating such an awesome performance, and I hope to join and participate next year.”

Ivy Nguyen, ‘23, spoke about her class’ performance, which she participated in. “I really liked how our dancer pack fit into the theme and we all looked uniform,” she said. “[We] still got to wear different colored shorts and skirts to add uniquity.”

Ashley Grant, ‘22, said she thought “Race to the Finish” was a good theme choice. “I think our skit and costumes came together and the songs matched with our theme really well,” she said. “I think it was a great choice to represent our last year at Meredith.”

By Anna Prince, Staff Writer


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