Video: MC Reacts to What NC State Students Have to Say About Meredith Students

On Nov. 29, The Herald released the first video in a two-part series about Meredith stereotypes. It didn’t take long for the video — which included interviews from students at NC State and anonymous comments about Meredith students from social media — to reach both campuses and generate buzz about the responses.

Focusing on the existing interactions and stereotypes of Meredith students is interesting. However, these beliefs have deeper implications for the student body. With so much conversation about Meredith students, their perspectives are important to understand the full scope of Meredith and NC State student interactions. To conclude this series, The Herald asked Meredith students for their thoughts on the video and what those views mean to them.

Watch the second installment in our two-part series on stereotypes of Meredith students above. For the first video, click here.

By Aminah Jenkins, Associate Editor

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